martedì 14 dicembre 2010

CORROSIVE CALENDER 2011 released on friday 17th dec.

IT's upcoming!!!! XLAB Corrosive Calender 2011 featuring inedite works by: VINCENZO GROSSO, MARCELLO GUNGUI, PAOLA VERDE, AGHIASOPHIE, DISCORDANT, DARKAM.
Dont' miss it, it's printed in a very LIMITED edition of 25 copies signed and numbered!

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order a copy: info at
15 euro + shipping

giovedì 9 dicembre 2010




exhibition running until 20.01.11

during the opening a selection of electronic live music by WATER WAVES (Fr) + new cd release!

***Gluhwein + cocktails***

No Man's land has the silhouette of slim chimneys tapering into the sky, her eyes are as intence as the black windows staring at us, her surface is chipped and cracked skin, her hair is rusty and hazed, her soul is as dark as the dust dancing at our passage.
Yet she is so sexy, charming and mysterious. Wrapped into ghost silence slums, abandoned factories, derelict buildings and barren lands, she traps us into another dimension, away from traditional sense of time.
She welcomes us into wounded and forgotten lands, full of history and stories to be told, making us wondering on what 's happened in those places. Like a step back in a Time that once was so glorious and productive, with the noise of gears and machinery in operation. Now you can feel just a far away feedback, but still containing a mysterious force within itself, like a muffled voice that wants to be heard.
According to the manifesto of modern society, what is now useless, ugly, dilapidated must be sacrificed to the new, at all costs, what is private must be locked and for what concerns abandoned place the access is forbidden.
The explorer perfectly knows that he has to break down these limitations, to rediscover and reclaim the sites, to venture into their belly leaving untouched and unspoiled their soul: taking only photographs and leaving nothing but footprints. Beeing there, yet walking invisible.
After his passage remains only the dust between shadowplays, the fading haze of a chimney, the rust dripping from the walls, the history that is forgotten, the city that is transformed.
(Paola Verde)

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mercoledì 8 dicembre 2010

MOLOTOV: a photo exhibition by AGHIASOPHIE

On saturday 11.12.2010 from 6pm
opening: MOLOTOV: a photo exhibition by AGHIASOPHIE

Oranienburgerstr. 54-56 Berlin Mitte

Cittadine cittadini
Pargoli enfants teen-agers babies
This is the program, è senza prezzo:
L'antico è favolistico folklore grezzo
Il moderno è iniziato e finito
Voilà l'età del mezzo

Il diario di un viaggio, attraverso le citta' e le sue genti, un reportage di vita urbana di inizio millennio, a cavallo delle periferie e delle fabbriche dismesse, nei volti sporchi e fieri dei personaggi, nei crocevia di palazzi dove si intrecciano storie e tramandano racconti .
Una storia sussurrata attraverso trasparenze, immagini effime come ricordi, figure in controluce danzanti, silhouettes di edifici silenti.
Ma anche forte come una molotov che esplode, come una storia senza censura, come la vita raccontata senza filtro.
Un viaggio nell' underground dai forti bianco e neri e dagli accentuati contrasti. Ma con un tocco di fiabesco.
La giovane fotografa italiana, nata a Lecco nel 1985, dopo essersi laureata alla NABA a Milano, si e' trasferita a Berlino dove collabora con diversi artisti e con la galleria XLAB Corrosive Art Farm.

The diary of a journey through the city and its people, a reportage of urban life in the new millennium, among suburbs and abandoned factories, trough the dirty and proud faces of the characters, at the crossroads of buildings where lives intertwine and stories pass down.
A whispered story by means of transparent, ephemeral images as memories, backlit figures dancing, silent silhouettes of buildings.
Even as strong as a Molotov cocktail exploding like a story without censorship, or a lifestyle without a filter.
A journey into underground life, with its strong black and whites and accentuated contrast. But always with a touch of romance.
The young Italian photographer, born in Lecco in 1985, after graduating at NABA New Academy of Beauty Art in Milan, moved to Berlin where she lives and collaborates with various artists and with the artgallery XLAB Corrosive Art Farm.

lunedì 22 novembre 2010


MARS solo show (Nuoro, Berlin)

BLO (Paris) + AMIGO (Bruxelles) double show

STEF LENK (Toronto, Canada) solo show

venerdì 15 ottobre 2010

salon de refuses report

aghiasophie (photos)
discordant (photos)
flint (wallpainting, sketches)
darkam (wallpainting, paintings)

martedì 5 ottobre 2010

XLAB online catalogue

check this video, presenting the online catalogue of 1 year XLAB!
music by paolo
video by aghiasopie
graphic by paolaverde

giovedì 30 settembre 2010

XLAB - Salon des Refusés event

If you hang around Kreuzberg during Stroke's hot week, come to visit our atelier in Skaltzer Str. 67 (U1 Schlesisches Tor)
We will be open on thursday 7.10 and friday 8.10 from 1pm till 8pm presenting

"Salon des Refusés" : an exhibition of the youngest artists from XLAB team:
Aghiasophie (photography)
Discordant (innervision)
Darkam (paintings)
Flint (sketches)

DARKAM live painting
music selection by Grr

and ERIK KIRTON solo show, opened on September 17. and running until 17.10.10.